Friday, June 10, 2011

Copa OYE Soccer Tournament

           Under the extreme heat of Saturday afternoon Copa OYE officially kicked off with an opening ceremony followed by the first games of the tournament. The ceremony began as all participating teams filled onto the field to music and announcements over the loud speaker. OYE program coordinators (who are fully in charge of this years tournament) addressed the assembled athletes regarding the tournament and its rules before handing the microphone over to OYE founder Ana Luisa. The ceremony came to a close with a round of fireworks and a dance performance by a youth group from the Garifuna community in Cayos Cochinos. The soccer games began with a fun match between the Garifuna youth and OYE staff and friends. The first official game of the tournament was the OYE Boys vs. team “Argentina.” Both teams played hard but unfortunately for OYE's team the game ended six to eight, in favor of Argentina. The Girls team had similar luck and lost four to eight to team “Valkirias.” However, the tournament continues and both teams have an opportunity to advance with a win in group play next Saturday.

The OYE boys pose for a team photo 

The OYE girls team walks onto the field during the opening ceremony

Some of the teams during the ceremony 

Girls from the Garifuna community perform a traditional dance  while boys in the background play the drums  


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