Thursday, May 19, 2011

OYE Brings Environmental Change to Cayos Cochinos

For the second part of their environmental project, OYE youth program coordinators traveled with Ana Luisa Ahern and Michael Solis to Cayos Cochinos. While supermodels from Spain and Italy were roughing it on a nearby island while being filmed for the TV series “Survivor,” OYE engaged in a lagoon clean up with local Garifuna communities in East End and a beach-clean up in Chacahuate. In both communities, OYE scholars and local youth painted murals. In East End, the mural was a compilation of all of the sea creatures, birds, and land animals that could be found in the area, while in Chacahuate the mural was a beautifully designed conch shell with a message that read, in Spanish, “Together we can take care of our land.”

OYE Scholars and local youth painting (Photo by Hadith Alvarado)
Mural on Chacahuate Designed by La Calle Coordinator Gerald Velasquez and Chachahuate youth tour guide Eric Leo Valencia (Photo by Hadith Alvarado)

Mural on East End (Photo by Hadith Alvarado)
Capacity Building by OYE program coordinators (Photo by Hadith Alvarado)
Team OYE in Cayos Cochinos (Photo by Hadith Alvarado)
Introductions by leaders from Wagabari Buitti, a youth-led organization in Chacahuate (Photo by Hadith Alvarado)

OYE scholars also left both communities with capacity training on how to take care of their land and waters, ideas for categorizing their garbage into trash, recycling, and compost, and ideas for strengthening a local youth organization, Wagabari Buitti, that is training young people from Chacahuate to be tour guides.

Congratulations to OYE for an amazing job in Cayos!


iloany said...

Great job we made, thanks OYE´s team.... and I´m happy for this big opportunity.

Abella Ivan said...

Thank you very much for the information provided! I was looking for this data for a long time, but I was not able to find the trusted source.

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