Thursday, March 3, 2011

Youth Leading Youth: OYE's Self-Esteem Classes

The training includes classes organized by OYE staff for the scholarship leaders of the radio, sports, visual arts, and magazine programs, as well as training sessions for each of the teams of students who make up these programs. More general training sessions are carried out with the scholarship recipients at large and cover topics like “What is OYE?”, “Self-Esteem,” “Sexuality,” “Personal Goals,” and “Family Disintegration,” among other topics.

In addition to preparing the scholarship recipients for future leadership within OYE, the capacity-building sessions seek to empower the individual, providing a means to address and discuss areas of insecurity that may influence the actions and emotions of the youth. While the discussions are led by OYE staff, who range from 21 to 28-years-old, the students play an active part in directing each of the training classes with their questions, comments, and observations.

This week's capacity building class focused on "Self-Esteem" and involved the scholars studying the characteristics of people with varying levels of self-esteem through improvised dramatizations, along with other activities.

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