Sunday, November 14, 2010

Matt and Mary Clay Finish the Race!

Matt and Mary Clary have completed their marathon. Congratulations!!!

These two have been incredible supporters of OYE and its programs. They have helped us form strong alliances with both Mary Baldwin College and James Madison University, and their positive out-going personalities have formed great reputations for them among the OYE team and our scholars. Everyone at OYE seems to have some new eccentric tale about Matt, and the youth are always asking when the dancing queen Mary Clay will be back.

If you have pitched in to help them reach their fundraising goal consider doing it now. These are two incredible people who have made a visible and positive impact on OYE. We're happy to see them both finish the race, but secretly I'm still pulling for Mary Clay!

Hopefully, one of them will see this post and can clear up the results a little bit for us.


Sam Rioux said...

Update from Facebook Thread

While Trybus takes the race by a slim 15 minute margin, it was both his best and worst time ever in such a race.

Mary Clay shave 9 minutes off her race, making this a new personal record.

Who is the true winner? You decide

Justin Eldridge Otero said...

i vote they hug and go out for macaroni n cheese burgers!! fried OREOS for desert!
Nothing like chowing down with the Trybus clan in Staunton, VA ;)