Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dia del Niño

Dia del Niño

On the tenth day of September, Honduras set aside a special day to celebrate the countries youth. And believe me there is a lot to celebrate in this country. Given the high birth rates and young pregnancies it seems like everyone here is youth or young at heart. Although in OYE we like to think we are all still youth, we are more accurately jovenes than niños. As adolescents the young scholars of OYE went out into elementary schools around their community to celebrate this day with the true youth of the country.

With the kids that make up OYE`s radio program, I traveled to the School Porvenir. No sooner did we enter the gate than the party started. I cannot imagine how order was maintained on a normal school day, but on song, dance, and candy filled holiday the small-overcrowded school was a chaotic madhouse.

In Honduras there is really only one way to capture the attention of excited wound up youth. You have to dance. OYE`s Radio group both animated and focused the thriving fiesta by dancing to Waka Waka, Moo la Vaca, and the Gorilla Song among others.

I think I speak for myself, but hopefully others as well, when I say the day brought the inner child out of everyone. I definitely saw a smile on everyone’s faces, kids, parents, teachers, and OYE members. Maybe they were just laughing at me as I sweat through my shirt trying to keep up with the little hooligans, but I think it was a day that brought everyone together to celebrate one of the most import things in life youth.

To say youth or kid/s there are many words in Honduran Spanish, Just a few would be:


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