Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An OYE Scholar Explains What OYE Is To Him

I am a young scholar from OYE and I want to tell about my experience in this excellent organization.

At first, I knew about the organization when I was in my second year of Basic at high school. It was September 2007. I made the application, and I was approved. After that my life began changing very much. In the first months, I learnt to be a different young scholar having high self-esteem , using new ways of doing homework and studying with the wish of having good grades. I learned to help people whom are at social-risk, people who are envolved in gangs, thieves, organized crime, and drugs by making them realize there are many interesting things to do rather than being a delinquent or gangster.

In this country life is completely a mess. For the people who do not receive a good education because there is too much risk of joining a gang, being a thief due to the poverty, or smoke and drink alcohol, and consume drugs, but in OYE I learned that with my wish and determination to help my country I can be an agent of change. So that the people outside of OYE whom are in all those risks can be saved from the bad they are doing by the actions of brave young leaders that know the best thing we (as young people) can do is to study hard and and be conscious of the people that are doing that.


Sam Rioux said...

Amir Perez, a Student here at OYE, wrote this post himself. Since 2005 he has dedicated himself to learning english. In addition to his regular high school curriculum, Amir attends private english classes as often as he can. Not only does he enjoy learning the language, but he sees it as an important opportunity that will open up new career paths for him. His hard work and dedication has paid off as he can speak english very well.

Kat said...

Oh Amer! Mandale gran abrazos, sammy..bueno a todos. Keep up the great work!