Tuesday, April 6, 2010


OYE’s annual soccer tournament begins this Saturday at 2:00pm. Copa OYE is local soccer tournament that brings together local youth for competitive but friendly soccer games. Teams are comprised from local high schools and youth organizations similar to OYE. Participants must be 15-20 years old and be an active participant of the local organization they play for. The teams compete for a wealth of prizes ranging from medals, soccer balls, trophies, dinner at a local restaurant, and the first place prize of a complete soccer uniform from a famous soccer team. The tournament is played in the classic world cup format with round robin play deciding the finalists who play signal elimination till a champion is crowned. Copa OYE also provides a great community event as spectators fill the stands to watch the intense and spirited games. Games are played Fridays and Saturdays at the Gool Sport Canchita in El Progreso. Games start at 2:00 pm and last until 4:00 pm. Schedules to be posted shortly. All spectators are welcome. If you want more information or would like to donate to the tournament fund follow this link http://www.oyehonduras.org/Ingles/Donate.html. Stay tuned for more information, pictures, and results from this years COPA OYE.

-Bart McIntosh


Justin Eldridge Otero said...

tenemos que calentar el pueblo, para que esten listo para el MUNDIAL!! Hoy Si Papa!! HONDURAS! Vamos al Mundial.
porfavor tomen muchas fotos, Y VIDEOS, de la COPA OYE.
A toda maquina equipo OYE!!

Kat said...

I am sooo Jealous that I can't be there!! Have a blast and post lots of pictures. Tell Javi I hung his good luck trainers jacket in the bodega...jaja.
Go get 'um team.

Ana Luisa said...

Copa OYE was AMAZING! The OYE teams did so well and it was a super fun, incredible event! I've got tons of pics and videos that I will be posting this week so keep checking back. GO TEAM OYE!

Marvin Javier said...

Copa OYE estuvo realmente increible mi equipo de masculino jugó de corazón y corrió con gran suerte al obtener los primeros puntos para la clasificacion, talves los llevo al mundial jajjaja!!! no puedo decir que las chikas jugaron mal porque hicieron gran esfuerzo por ganar pero el próximo partido lo ganamos con las chikas!! hare todo lo posible para lograr los trofeos.

sldos a todos!