Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Primer Mensual de OYE 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010 was the first meeting for the OYE becarios. The meeting took place en la Casa de la Cultura. We left the office on our way to the meeting, we could see the becarios walking to the location and looking very excited. As we entered the Casa de la Cultura you could hear the laughter of the becarios in the hall way and when we entered they were for the most part seated and ready to rumble. One of the OYE staff members pointed out that you could tell who the new becarios were, because they were sitting on the other side opposite from the old becarios. The staff members quickly changed the fact that they weren´t together and they all became one, sitting together. The meeting went smoothly and everyone seemed really excited.
One of the biggest differences and I think is a positive one was that the old becarios were very confident in everyway. It´s positive because you can notice and tell that OYE is making a difference in their lives. One of the things I´m very excited to see is the change that the new becarios will make.
My favorite part was the end of the meeting where they played a game, 75 becarios had to play.
They got into a big circle and had to introduce themselves and then Luis would say everyone who is wearing sandles (for example) change seats. You then see like 10 students running around trying to not be the one without a seat. If you don´t get a seat then you get a
punishment that is put on by the group, they can make you sing, dance, act like a chicken, anything. It was a very fun interactive game that allowed the students to have fun together.

I can´t wait for next months meeting and just being able to see differences in a month. Capacity groups start this week and the radio/magazine are going on now too. I´m just so excited about all of this :)

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