Monday, December 21, 2009

Entrega de Becas 2009

Every year OYE hosts an "Entrega de Becas" or scholarship reception to celebrate returning recipients and welcome new recipients to the family.

This year we are excited to have 60 returning and 15 new motivated youth. Some, such as Dunia Perdoma, who have been with OYE since it's founding in 2005 and others who are join OYE for the first time with lots of potential. The theme of the event was "Mi voz es Poder!" which means "my voice is power". Students got into the idea and shared their talents with us. Youth radio, OYE el Ritmo and Youth magazine, Jovenes presented their projects and plans for 2010. Youth also presented songs, a poem, and a dance number.

Dunia Perdoma with Director Luis Paredes.

Maria "Yapa" Reyes is another farmiliar face that joined OYE in 2005 with Dunia.

Students received the awards for academic excellence throughout the school year. Neris, 96%, with Ivelis and Erick close behind with 95.45% and 95.32%. They maintained high grades along with high levels of participation in OYE. We are so Proud of them.
Three students received awards for high participation in OYE; Cesar, Gelad and Yarli.
And the awards for individual growth throughout the year went to Gerald and Sandra.

OYE staff was joined by parents of founder Ana Ahern, Patrick and Patricia Ahern. Patricia is also an active board member and we are very grateful for her tireless support.

With this we move enthusiastically into 2010, and remember...


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