Monday, November 24, 2008

Treasure Hunt!! (Bùsqueda de Tesoros)

Welcome to OYE el Ritmo´s audio treasure hunt! The OYE radio group was split into two teams and each was given an audio recorder, a camera, and a list of 30 sounds to find and record. You can listen to the sounds from group 1 (Los Piratas del Caribe) in the audio player on the right. Unfortunately the sounds from group 2 were lost but be sure to check out their post below!

The sounds that the Piratas recorded are as follows:

1. An introduction to the treasure hunt
2. A stranger using the word ¨crepùsculo¨ in a sentence
3. A telephone ringing (cellphones not allowed)
4. A stranger saying something in English
5. A dog barking
6. A taxi honking
7. A blender
8. The sound of a ¨carro parlante¨ a popular form of Honduran advertising, basically a car or pedal cart with speakers on top, blaring announcements from local stores
9. Sounds from the local El Progreso market
10. An interview with a taxi driver
11. Laughter
12. A stranger shouting ¨Oye el Ritmo!¨
13. A baby crying
14. Someone whistling
15. Someone singing the national anthem
16. Chickens
17. A bird
18. A radio program
19. A toilet flushing
20. A conclusion to the treasure hunt wrapping up the event


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