Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Natalie and Lisa´s thoughts on the office project

So far, we have painted many things white. These things include huge boards, small boards, medium size boards, small desks and large desks. In addition to painting them white we have also given them an attractive charcoal grey trim. Ohhh but we almost forgot one of our fav passtimes...SANDING the edges of some of the large rather oddly shaped boards. As well as painting an assortment of boards, we also got to show off our creative skills when helping to complete the office mural of a scenic landscape. We painted a mountain....which will be covered by shelving units...which we also painted. So basically we have helped create a small wall in the office... yayyy us.

Now you may be asking yourself why??? Well the office of OYE is undergoing some small changes that in the long run will help create an environment condusive to youth empowerment and education. The goal of the office project is to create a space that is comfortable and friendly, where kids in the scholarship program can have access to computers and have a place to do their homework. The new office will also be home to some of OYE´s projects such as the youth newspaper who´s first official meeting will be in the office 23 july, 2008 (tomorrow). The office will be a place where the newspaper can meet and publish their work. Hopefully the new and improved office will be a more pleasant and inspirational environment where children, volunteers and employees will benefit from its improved appearance.

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