Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sam Vigersky Runs the New York Marathon!

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m running the NYC Marathon in less than a month!

Last Years DC Race4OYE team, Sam Vigersky in Middle 5142

The road to November 3, 2013 began by accident 10 years ago when I was living in Brooklyn. On a cool November morning I set out to grab a bagel on Bedford Ave and instead discovered streets lined with thousands of cheering spectators supporting a never ending parade of runners. The combined energy and sense of community on that day was something I’d never seen before in New York. It was so inspiring that I decided I had to run this race one day. In 2009 I entered my first marathon lottery and after three unsuccessful attempts, I was finally guaranteed entry this year.  

I’m writing to ask for your support on two fronts. For those who live in New York, or who happen to be visiting the city on November 3, I would love to see and hear you cheer me on. I’ve attached a PDF map of the course. In particular, seeing you anywhere between mile 11 and 23 would really lift my spirits during what’s sure to be a tough race. My start time is between 10-10:30AM, and I hope to run 8:40 miles for the first 20 miles. If you can come, send me an email telling me where you’ll be and I can give you more details.
I’m also using the marathon as an opportunity to highlight an organization that is doing important work. I’m hoping you will support my run by donating money to OYE Honduras, an NGO working with at-risk youth in El Progresso, Honduras. I’ve been working with OYE since 2006, making three trips to Honduras, most recently as member of the Board. I have watched it grow from a small photography project for orphaned children to a critical program providing educational scholarships to hundreds of adolescents. I’ve worked in development for the better part of my professional career and OYE’s program is among the best I’ve seen in delivering meaningful and sustainable benefits to youth.

For more information on OYE, click here: http://www.oyehonduras.org/english/

***Be sure to remove the OPTIONAL processing fee, before completing your donation***
Thanks for your support,

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